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We'll get your pets' teeth sparkling clean.

Their superb oral hygiene will add quality years to their lives!

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Add years of life

Extensive care

Reduce stress

Dental health for your pet is just as important as overall health, which is why you should have your pet's teeth regularly checked at South Gate Veterinary Clinic.

We'll help your pets with tartar and plaque control, gum disease treatments, tooth removal, tooth repair, and provide dental-friendly food and toys.

When plaque is allowed to build up, bacteria enters the digestive tract and has to be filtered out by the liver and kidneys. Reduce stress on those organs with regular checkups.

We'll do the cleaning

Get better breath

We treat you well

You and your pets won't have to go through unnecessary stress. Just bring them in and let the professionals do regular teeth cleaning. We'll also do thorough exams.

No one likes a dirty mouth or bad breath, so let us find out what the root cause of your pets' bad breath is. You'll be able to cuddle with them much more afterwards!

"Dr. Ole is the most concerned vet I have ever taken my family members (animals) to. His assistant is very calm, never in a hurry, and very pleasant and loving." - Cheryl

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Extensive care Add years of life Reduce stress We'll do the cleaning Get better breath We treat you well Dog teeth Dog with toothbrush Veterinarian